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Why Jay and Shital Married on Valentine’s Day

As soon as the second month of the year hits in, the season of love begins. Love is of course celebrated every day but the celebration becomes extra special on Valentine’s Day. Couples choose to confess their love or propose to one another on this day. But how many times have we heard of them getting hitched on this day? Not too many, right? That’s why I was curious to know Jay and Shital’s story when I saw their wedding date.

Was this day auspicious to get married or did they consciously choose to marry on this day? These questions felt very unsettling to me until I got the opportunity to speak to them. Well..

I did not invest time in asking anything else but jumped straight to why they got married on Valentine’s Day and their response was the wittiest answer ever heard. “We consciously decided to marry on Valentine’s Day. We never forget this day whatsoever, right? So if our wedding anniversary falls on the same day, there is no chance any of us will ever forget it. When you don’t forget it, your wife is happy. That is the sole reason why we got married on Valentine’s day,” Jay said and we both burst out laughing.

But their story isn’t over yet… Story abhi baaki hai! As witty as he seems, Jay also comes across as the most romantic person there ever is and his gorgeous wife is no less. Read on to get a sneak peek into their world of love.

After becoming a premium member of BharatMatrimony, Jay found his Shital in a month. Then, they started their journey through chatting which led to phone calls and four days later, they decided to meet. “I was nervous. I was only anticipating how it will go and all those questions that everybody has when they are meeting someone for the first time,” described Jay recalling their first meet. But what I was more curious to know was Shital’s impression on Jay when she first caught sight of him and she responded, “When I saw his profile photo, I assumed he might be a little plump but he actually wasn’t.”

Their first meeting has been etched on this beautiful couple’s minds because for Jay, this remains and will remain the best day of his life. I say this because this was the day when he found the girl he had been waiting for and also because he still remembered what she had worn on that day, “I can still picture her in that black dress when she walked up to me on our first meeting.”

Enjoying the perks of a blissful marriage, the newlyweds have just started discovering each other but there is one thing Jay doesn’t want to change about his wife. “It was her love that initiated our journey and I will ensure that it never subsides nor changes because her love is extremely precious to me.” When I asked the same question to his better half, I could sense the fulfillment in her response. “I wouldn’t risk anything to change him at all. He is my real life hero.”

“When someone walks into your life and in the blink of an eye becomes the centre of your world that is called LOVE.”

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