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We Lived 2 Kms Away but Met Only on BharatMatrimony

“It will happen in the right place at the right time.” We have all heard of this phrase. If we look closely, it is coincidences that make us get into the right place at the right time. So isn’t it true that we are surrounded by them? But there is also one coincidence that we overlook- love. There isn’t any control on who we meet, where we meet them but there always exists an anonymous connection.

Dharini and Nehal met on BharatMatrimony but their connection was their distance. They lived just two kilometres away. But the question here is how did they encounter this cute coincidence?

“One of my friends had once told me that if I was seriously looking for a life partner, then I should join BharatMatrimony and she was absolutely right,” stated Dharini. She was pursuing her Ph.D when she came across Nehal’s profile. “He had approached me a year before we actually met. But he lived in Surat and I wanted someone who is from Ahmedabad. Also, since I was busy with my research, I didn’t give it much thought,” she added. But cupid made them cross paths again and they met.

Nehal’s description of their first meeting was such that I could literally visualize their meeting. “I was waiting for her in a coffee shop and saw her walk in. She was looking for me and that’s when I walked up to her and asked if she was Dharini. That’s how our conversation started and that was when we discovered that we lived only a few miles away from each other. What a coincidence that was!” said he. But I was curious to know what Dharini thought about him on their first meeting, “I initially thought that he was shy. But he wasn’t and he was very transparent about himself. That’s when I thought I could think of him as my life partner,” Dharini said.

When two people are in the process of getting to know each other, they make memories; memories that remain fresh for eternity. But there was one moment that Nehal wanted to specify here that he keeps it as a priced possession. “It was the day when Dharini came home to meet my mother. She was meeting her for the first time but it was really hard to believe that because she was talking to her for three hours. The effort and commitment she showed to understand my family was enough to fall in love with her.”

The wedding day is the most awaited and special moment of any couple’s life. But it does bring along anxiety and trembles to the bride. It wasn’t any different for Dharini either. She recalls the day when she was freaking out about the idea of getting married, “I felt jittery but Nehal made me sit, comforted me and then finally convinced me that everything will be okay. He literally treated me like a princess.”

Now, enjoying two years of marital bliss and being proud parents of a cute little princess, I ask if parenthood is rather difficult than being a husband and he calmly says, “Neither being a husband nor a father is difficult at all. In fact, I am thoroughly enjoying this phase. But I would definitely appreciate the superwoman that Dharini is. She is managing everything so smoothly. “

Dharini and Nehal give this conversation the best finishing touch with a wise message to all the new couples out there, “Just remember one thing. The initial years of a marriage are like a probation period. You need to understand your partner, give each other time to settle and get into their shoes to understand their perception. If you can survive this, then I assure you will experience nothing less than bliss.”

We wish they celebrate the same innocence and warmth of their love for eternity!

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