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How Sanjay Cooked His Way into Dharti’s Heart

We have heard many stories about love. Some people tell about their long distance love, some tell about how they fought for love whereas others say how love has changed them for the best. Of course, love has many shades. But Dharti and Sanjay’s shade of love is unique. One, that no one has ever heard of.

What is that? Well... you will have to read their story to find out!

Sanjay was too shy to share their story but his better half was overtly delighted to allow me to enter their small world of bliss.

She ensured to fit in his shoes as well to narrate their beautiful journey from his perspective.

Dharti came to know about BharatMatrimony through her friend who insisted her to register on it. She said, “He was a paid member and that is how he got my number and contacted me.” But before going any further, I wanted to know what she was looking for in her partner. “I had a very short criteria. My only priority was that he should be simple and that’s exactly why I liked Sanjay’s profile. Unhone ghuma phirake baatein nahi likhi thi.” So after they liked each other’s profiles, they began chatting through the site for a couple of days which then turned into phone calls. But both of them had one condition, “Only if our families would agree with the proposal, we would go ahead,” she stated.

Both families certainly agreed or else she wouldn’t be narrating her story like this. But what was more interesting was how the acceptance from the families came. “I had gone along with Sanjay to meet his mother. When she saw me, she hugged me tight and whispered to him, ‘soni kudi hai and she is the best for you.’ That was my best moment,” Dharti said. This happened after their first meeting. Recalling that day, she also stated, “I clearly remember that he had come to pick me up from my office to drop me home which was a long drive.”

All this while, her mother in-law’s statement was very intriguing because she made a statement in Punjabi but I had thought they are Gujaratis. Dharti cleared my doubt that she is a Gujarati but her mother in-law is a Punjabi and her father in law was a Maharashtrian. Then which ritual did they follow for their wedding? “We had a court marriage first and then a simple social marriage which was a mixture of traditions. But we did not make it complicated. We started off with a gruha shanti puja for both of us which is a Gujarati custom.”

I could only imagine how interesting her wedding would have been even if it was simple. But what was most interesting and unique was just about to come. When I asked her what changes marriage brought into her life, I thought she will reply in the lines of companionship, love but she had something else to say. “My husband loves cooking and his Chicken Gila fry is to die for.” But she is a vegetarian, then how did she know that? “I was. But now I am turning into a non-vegetarian because I certainly cannot resist his delicious preparation. I am also learning how to cook non-vegetarian food myself,” finishes Dharti.

It is overwhelming to see how much a person can change for the sake of love. It is because of people like Dharti and Sanjay, love can never lose its essence.

Wishing them a lifetime of togetherness!

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